Commercial Production

Transform your brand's narrative with Auriela's award-winning production services. With a focus on beauty, we craft compelling visual narratives that resonate with your specific audience. Let Auriela unlock the power of visual storytelling for your company!

Licensed Drone Videography

Elevate your story with Auriela's Licensed Drone Videography. From breathtaking aerial shots of weddings and real estate to captivating views of local festivals and landscapes, our drones capture the essence of your events and projects. Experience a new perspective!

Wedding Videography

Celebrate your love story with Auriela's enchanting Wedding Videography. Tell the story of your special day with a wedding film that captures the essence of your bond, the laughter, the tears, and the once-in-a-lifetime moments. Every film is tailored to the things that make your relationship special. With Auriela, relive your magical day, forever.

Narrative & Documentary Film Production

Discover the art of storytelling with Auriela's Narrative and Documentary Film Production. We craft award-winning cinematic experiences that capture the heart of the transcendent and the depth of real-life stories. With Auriela, fill your pre-production, production, and production needs, bringing untold stories to life with the power of film.

Event Videography

Capture life's important milestones with Auriela's professional event videography services. Specializing in birthdays, conferences, competitions, and community events, our team ensures every precious moment is beautifully preserved. Let's immortalize our small town's big occasions.

Live Streaming & Broadcasting

Elevate your event's impact with Auriela's professional Live Streaming and Broadcasting. We specialize in delivering TV-quality coverage for your conferences, product launches, and corporate gatherings. We can also scale down to smaller, simpler setups to provide video feeds to friends and family who couldn't make it to your party, memorial or other important event. Auriela ensures your message is broadcast with unparalleled beauty and sophistication, connecting you to your audience wherever they are.

Stock Footage & Licensing

Unlock a world of visual possibilities with Auriela's Stock Footage and Licensing Service. Offering a curated collection of high-quality, affordable media for any project. Whether for commercial use or creative endeavors, Auriela has the perfect shot to bring your vision to life. Explore our library of drone footage, 4k video, slow motion clips, raw files, footage of the coal region and more!

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