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Aur•iela: /ˈɔːr.iˌe.lə/ - Gleaming Gold, Divine Aura

Hello, I’m Irving,
a Mount Carmel Based media entrepreneur and creative.

Auriela was originally founded as a way to avoid the "starving artist" trope as my friends and I climbed our way through the film scene. You see, I have strange background: I'm a tech nerd with a B.S. in Computer Engineering, I am an award-winning filmmaker, and I love business/ entrepreneurship. Auriela was my way to monetize this unique set of skills to make a living while pursuing the hope of making big feature films-- my passion truly is found in visual storytelling.

The chaos of 2020 - 2022 years forced me to transform Auriela into a full service photo/ video studio as my wife and I fled NYC for... obvious reasons. In that exigent circumstance, I had to find some place for us to camp out while planning for a new future. That's when we found, and fell in love with, Mount Carmel, PA-- first with the beauty of the natural landscapes and quaint Victorian towns, and later with the people we've met here: our neighbors, leaders, business owners, and fellow traditional Catholics.

Today, Auriela continues to be the outward sign of my inward drive to create and innovate. My hope for Auriela is to foster a local culture in the arts (especially photography and film) by drawing upon the history this region has with stage performance, TV broadcasting, photography, and technology. There is so much hope here and I want to allow Auriela to grow into a force for beauty, commerce, and story from the fertile roots found here in the Coal Region. To all those who support this family business: thank you and God bless you!

My plans for Auriela are grand and wide-reaching, spanning media categories such as: eSports, broadcasting, alternative internet infrastructure, narrative, and so much more. Yes, I am crazy, but also eager to show you what I can do. Want to follow the journey?
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Irving Nestor | Honors & Credentials

Auriela, LLC
Director | Operation First Light (award-winning)
Developer | CAPA-Auriela Dealey Plaza Digital Twin
Grant RecipientStudio North Competitive Film Grant
B.S. Computer Engineering | Johns Hopkins University

For God & Country

As is the proper priority of a well-functioning society, Auriela is run with traditional Catholic values. While we will inevitably come short of the ideal, we will always be in pursuit of it and will never compromise our beliefs. Faith permeates everything-- from our ethics to our art to our political footprint to our community impact.

We love and respect everyone but answer first to Christ the King!

Family Owned, Community Lead

Spending your dollars with Auriela funds my ability to continue to drive my wife insane with new ideas and crazy pursuits haha :P

But seriously, we think first about our young small but growing family first, and next about our Mount Carmel community when making decisions about how we spend and invest our money. Anything we can locally source or otherwise partner with, we try to do to raise the profile of this wonderful town and its inhabitants. It's about being good custodians. We want to reclaim the American dream for our family and yours!

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Auriela is yours as much as it is ours. Let us know how we can help you or if you have any ideas or thoughts. We will get back to you soon!

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