LiDAR Drawing of Victorian Train Sation

Industrial Drone Services

Auriela is a nationally recognized drone service provider, serving industrial and enterprise solutions such as stockpile measurement, topographic and structural surveying, roof and tower inspections, 3D showcases, historical preservation, academic research, construction site progress, site mapping and more!

How we can Help You

With hundres of thousands of square feet scanned and nationally recognized drone projects under our belt, we are confident we can expertly provide this up-and-coming money-saving tool for you to remove guesswork while increasing margins. We use drone photogrammetry and LiDAR to customize a solution for your industrial or enterprise needs.

We can even get down to sub-centimeter accuracy with our 3D models for projects in which accuracy is critical. Plus, we do this all affordably and fast with rewards for return customers. As always, we never nickle and dime. Our prices are predictable and comprehensive.

Check out these projects to see our work!

Roof, Tower & Structure Inspections

Save time and money by having your inspections done remotely. Just give us an address and we will provide an orthomosaic photo with enough resolution to see and measure cracks and other small defects. You can either use these images to scope out a property's roof or send them to a licensed inspector for a discounted official report. You don't even have to be on site!

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Mound & Stockpile Analysis

Whether you are in the coal mining industry or simply ordered dirt for a new housing project, stockpile analysis can save you money by removing the guesswork and reducing labor requirements. We can even give you a 3D model of your piles so you can reference dimensions remotely. Put simply: measuring piles via drones is fast, simple and cheap-- you can't lose!

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Topographic, Urban & Structural Surveying

All construction, earthwork and structural analysis projects can be greatly enhanced with drone photogrammetry and/ or drone LiDAR. Our services perfectly compliment a survey by allowing the surveyor to work remotely from our sub-centimeter accurate 3D models. With LiDAR packages, we can even remove foliage to reveal the topography of the bare earth beneath. Project planning can be done from the comfort from a computer-- measure slopes, building dimensions, curb heights and more!

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Digital Twins for History & Research

The concept of a digital twin is exactly what it sounds like. Freeze a space in time not just in two dimensions (like a photo) but in three! Photogrammetry and LiDAR techniques allow us to capture even the mortar between bricks and the cant of an old balcony-- perfect for historical preservation and analysis. You can even 3D print your models at our shop once they are done! We are proud to have preserved, in the highest fidelity, Dealey Plaza with these techniques for researchers to use for years to come.

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Real Estate Marketing Package

No matter your needs, we will always deliver as many photos/ media is needed to effectively sell your listing. We never leave you guessing about how many you need and we never nickle and dime. Typical packages deliver in 48 hours or less!

Need guidance or something more custom? Give us a call!

Get a floorplan of the property to give buyers a quick reference. Includes measurements and total square footage. Matterport 3D Tour option required.

Go live with your property walk through to leverage your audience and interact with buyers. For a very low fee, we will take care of setting up the broadcast. We can also take care of publishing your video on social media platforms by clipping it into shorts and scheduling output. The Walkthrough service is required for this option.

If you are subscribed to our YouTube channel, Rumble channel or Newsletter and never received this discount before, you will get 10% off your booking as a thank you! One-time use per subscriber. Restrictions apply.

Is this your first time using us? If so, you will get a special FIRST TIME CUSTOMER discount (up to 50% off!) This is a one-time deal so make sure to load up while you have it!

MATTERPORT (POPULAR): 3D tours offer photorealism and a "dollhouse" view, improving the understanding of a property’s layout. Matterport offers interactive options, encouraging quicker decision-making. Recommended for average to high-end properties.

ZILLOW: A simpler platform that also improves rankings on Zillow. This option is designed to make tours for lower value homes affordable. Get the big advantage for even your smallest listings!

HIGHLIGHTS: A montage edited to music of the different features of the property with titling. Ideal for splitting into TikToks and Shorts and using in listings as a whole.

WALKTHROUGH: You or another presenter will do a guided video tour of the property. Includes Highlights service.

All videos are as long as needed to tell your story!

Schedule multiple properties in the same day to take advantage of bulk pricing discounts. The number we can schedule per day is dependent on property sizes and services requested. This calculator assumes that each property is roughly the same; for more precise bulk pricing, contact us.

Input how many days of advanced notice you'll be giving us for scheduling. Below 3 days incurs a small rushed-scheduling fee assuming we have the availability.


Get ranked higher on sites like Zillow, Redfin, and by attaching a virtual tour to your listing which allows an interactive experience of the property. 80% more inquiries is a no-brainer for almost any listing!

Real estate videos are great from separating yourself from the competition, especially for high value properties with unique features. We take care of everything including editing, audio, and lighting.

Drone photography is recommended for properties with large lots, hard to photograph exteriors, great views, and/ or luxury values. The rest works just like our HDR Photography service. And yes, we are commercially licensed with 100+ flight hours of experience.

We always deliver as many photos as a property needs at the highest level of quality. HDR is standard, editing/ minor retouching are standard, and reasonable revisions are standard. Let's keep it simple!

Input the square footage of the property. Include only the area that you want to be covered. If you don't currently know the square footage, guesstimate for now: we can adjust the rate when billing either by tax card or Matterport measurement.


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