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Real Estate

Real Estate marketing doesn't have to be your last thought when listing your property. It can be exciting and brand enforcing, opening you up to a market of buyers and sellers you never knew you could attract. We make Real Estate marketing easy by providing you with instant quotes and packages that always include as many photos as you need-- there are never caps or extensive revision processes. We learn your preferred style quickly then make your client proud effortlessly. It's not only simple; we have affordable combo packages too!

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Licensed Drone Photography

With the flourishing of drone photography, we are able to see things from vantage points never dreamed of before. As a commercially licensed drone photography business, we are able to safely and confidently capture landscapes, subjects, properties, and more in high definition. Show construction progress, market large properties, commission a view you've always wanted to see, market your business, monitor a habitat... the sky's the limit!

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Small Business

As small business owners, we have a lot to manage on the day to day. Often, this means neglecting one of the most important tasks that we need to be successful: marketing. While many of us have well beloved local shops and products, we rarely think bigger to attracting regional traffic by doing product photography or managing our Google/ Apple Maps location data to make sure visitors stop by before they or after they hit the trails. This is uncaptured potential and profits. Let us help you share your joy and sell your vision-- photography can be the start-- but there is so much more you can do tap into our high-demand regional and local markets.

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Family & Portraits

We love capturing families as they move through the years and experience life-changing events. We also love capturing the uniqueness of the individual and expressing that which is hidden within. Whether it's seasonal photos, a first communion, professional headshots, etc. we are well equipped to go out into your favorite spaces or find the right lighting/ location dynamic to make the best results for your needs. We don't nickle and dime on retouching, editing and revisions; and, because of our print shop, you can have everything printed with craftsmanship at an affordable price in many formats.

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Weddings & Engagements

Telling stories through images is our bread and butter. Auriela's film production background makes our ability to communicate the tome of words needed to express the deepest of bonds second nature. We take your wedding and/ or engagement personally and want to offer a stress-free, low-maintenance option for your special days. How do we do this? By having tons of experience, by not being afraid of the editing suite, and by having the right equipment to handle almost any adverse shooting condition. No shoot is ever the same and we never apply cookie cutter creative ideas to your wedding/ engagement; we re-invent our process and ideas every time!

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Don't you hate when photographers make their presence unavoidable and seem to always produce the most pedestrian images possible? At Auriela, we don't believe events-- business, communal, or otherwise-- should be relegated to boring treatment. Every picture is an opportunity and every color helps convey a story. Let's make the most of your event by using skill and expertise to break the mold of your every day corporate shoot job. Let's embrace the hidden photographer's magic ability to snap the best of moments. Let's have fun with it all! Let's capture it together!

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