Adobe Bridge, Canto, Kyno, and Mediainfo are among the most popular Media Asset Management (MAM) and Media Display software used by creators. With countless Media Asset Management and Metadata Display programs, choosing the best one as a solo content creator or for your production team is challenging.

Three criteria can help narrow the search down:

  • Cost
  • Collaboration Capacity
  • Feature Set

Adobe Bridge

Adobe Bridge is a Media Asset Manager part of Adobe Creative Cloud that enables you to effectively organize, store, browse, and alter the metadata of your assets.  

Where to find: Adobe's Website

Cost: FREE for Windows and $0.99 for Mac

For Collaborators:

Adobe Bridge's Shared Cache stores media from multiple users, enabling them to “browse, add, view, edit, or search their assets. Your entire team can preview and make changes to the metadata within the database"[1].

For Solo Creators:

Bridge helps organize your assets and is contoured to diverse asset types, including vectors, 3D, and Raw Files, making it a versatile MAM.

Feature Set



  • Reviews: Adobe Bridge users assert that the program does not have a simple interface for those learning to use the software or those seeking a more facile setup[6].
  • Subclips: Other MAM software offer subclip and marker features, letting you select the best parts of your clips. Bridge requires you to create sub-clips in Premiere Pro, meaning you will have to export individual clips to organize them. The program does not allow you to select the best parts of your footage within Adobe Bridge itself.


Canto is a corporate Media Asset Manager designed for large-scale production companies to manage, share, search, and edit their media assets.

Where to find: Download Canto at

Canto has app integrations for mac, windows, and google called Canto Connect, enabling the direct upload of files in bulk from your desktop. Its core feature is its seamless cloud storage platform.

Cost: The cost varies depending on your production needs. Filecamp estimates that canto prices can start at $600 per month [7].

For Collaborators:

Canto is for large teams, allowing multiple users to categorize, edit, and track metadata. With Canto’s Workspaces, users can create private libraries to collaborate with specific team members[8]. This gives access to selected users and conceals the private files in the main library. Canto's Workflow function lets you comment, approve, and reject assets in the shared space [9].  

For Solo Creators:

Canto is for large production teams with copious assets[10]. However, if you are a solo creator looking for an efficient means to share your assets with clients it may be beneficial if you are willing to bear the high expense.

Feature Set:


  • Integrations: Canto is compatible with Adobe Premiere Pro, Illustrator, Indesign, Photoshop, and Figma[11]. You can easily view all files stored in Canto within the app you’re working on.
  • List View: You can see thumbnails, filename, upload date, and additional file details, and enlarge thumbnails with the masonry grid view [6].
  • Preview Mode: Edit description, filename, keywords, tags, approval status, and copyright information[12].
  • Collections: Create Collections to share and store assets with clients [13].
  • Customized Search: Enables you to use keywords, tags, and filters [14].
  • Mobile Devices: Canto is available not only on your laptop and desktop but also on your phone, making your files accessible on multiple devices [15].


  • Cost: Canto is made for large-scale production teams and production companies, making it more expensive and less conducive for solo creators and smaller teams.    


Mediainfo is a Media Display software that deciphers and provides extensive metadata. Mediainfo details format, file size, bit rates, tag dates, XML, codec IDs, and countless other metadata.

Where to Find: Windows, Mac Store, or

Cost: Free version for Windows and $0.99 for Mac

For Collaborators:

There is no way to share your metadata with your team, making it a less optimal tool for team collaboration.

For Solo Creators:

Mediainfo is a fantastic resource for viewing all of your metadata, but it is not a Media Asset Manager for storing and saving metadata.

Feature Set:


  • Data Display: Mediainfo provides metadata for containers, video, audio, text, and chapters [16].
  • Analytics: Mediainfo provides analytics for containers, tags, videos, audio, and subtitles [17].
  • Organizational Tools: Drag and drop assets into its database to see your comprehensive metadata immediately [18].


  • Organization: Mediainfo is a metadata information source rather than a Media Asset Management tool. It does not organize your assets in an accessible way, and there is no search bar for footage.


Kyno is a Media Asset Management software for large and small-scale production teams. With Kyno, your entire team can browse, label, rate, and edit the metadata of your shared assets in one place.

Where to find:

Cost: $159.00 annually

For Collaborators:

Kyno allows multiple users to make changes to metadata stored on the shared folders you upload to your cloud storage of choice, making it beneficial for collaborators.

For Solo Creators:

While Kyno is primarily for collaborators, its numerous integrations and user-friendly interface make it a viable option for solo creators.

Feature Set:


  • Integrations: Kyno integrates with the Adobe Creative Suite, DaVinci, Medinfo, and Dropbox. You can quickly transfer media and the metadata you created from Kyno to your selected application [19].
  • Drilldown: With the Drilldown feature, you can see a preview of all assets in your uploaded folder without having to navigate through subfolders [20].
  • Interface: Kyno's list and icon views allow you to preview thumbnails, tags, and additional metadata.
  • Detail View: You can see your assets full screen, play back your videos, place markers, and set ratings and tags. You can also see all of your metadata here.
  • Subclips: This allows you to mark in and out points and select the best parts of your clips, streamlining your editing process.  


  • Slow Syncing: Kyno can download folders and files from your drive, but saving and syncing your metadata can take adequate time.
  • 360 Files: Kyno does not currently have an integrated 360 video viewing feature. You have to create proxies in a 360 viewer and upload them separately.


Media Asset Managers in an easy to share comparison chart (includes Adobe Bridge, Canto, Mediainfo and Kyno)

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