CAPA (Citizens Against Political Assassination) announced on August 2nd, 2023  its collaboration with Auriela, LLC on an innovative and historic project involving creating a forensically-sound digital twin of Dealey Plaza using both Matterport LiDAR and drone photogrammetry technologies to scan and memorialize an enormous 400,000 square feet of space encompassing Dealey Plaza-- the location of the assassination of President John F. Kennedy. Below is the relevant excerpt from their release:

CAPA has been approached by Irving Nestor, of Auriela LLC, to do a 3D  scan of Dealey Plaza using Matterport. This is a web-based platform that  allows the creation of a 3D digital twin of any given space by using a  360° LiDAR camera. Hopefully the data can be used to bring new  information and evidence to researchers and anyone who is interested in  using this platform. CAPA has authorized Irving to do this work and to  present during the CAPA portion of the Wecht Institute conference on  Thursday evening where he will be illustrating how this system, along  with drone photogrammetry, can ascertain distance measurements and  produce quality data sets using a forensic methodology. The user will be  able to experience Dealey Plaza in virtual reality.

As far as we know, nothing like this has been or is being done and we  are thrilled to offer it at the conference before any renovations change  Dealey Plaza as we know it. It may also be the largest Matterport scan  ever done. Irving will be documenting the process of preparation and  scanning Dealey Plaza on his YouTube channel which you can find at  including live streams during his trip to Dallas which will take place  in October. When the scan is completed, it will be available on CAPA’s website for everyone to access.

The project will be documented on Auriela's YouTube channel in videos and live streams of the scanning process itself. Subscribe to get notified when new videos about this project are posted.

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