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Anthony Scappaticci


2022 Internships

Hi, my name is Anthony Scappaticci! I am an incoming sophomore at Marist College double majoring in Games & Emerging Media and Cybersecurity. I am very interested in content creation and have been managing my own YouTube channel for several years now. I create and upload videos in my free time about some of the video games that I enjoy playing. In addition to this, I have experience with social media, as I use Twitter and Discord to cross-promote my YouTube channel and to interact with the gaming community surrounding the video games that I play. In terms of technical skills, I have experience working with the Adobe Creative Suite, Canva, and Unity. I am also interested in computer programming and coding; I have been learning how to code in Python and have had the opportunity to code a text-based adventure game. I am very excited to be working as a Video Editor and Marketing Analyst at Auriela this summer and look forward to helping grow the Esports division of the company!



I’m Greg! I graduated from Skidmore College in 2020. Most of my media experience involves creating short form documentaries and short fiction films, but also more marketing focused social media content. My strong suits are in cinematography, editing in Premiere, and general conceptualization of video / film projects. I hope to contribute my skills in general Adobe CC to the Mixed Media, Vlog, Film and Esports sections of Auriela. I’m doing this internship for general media creation experience! Something else on the resume. I’m currently in between jobs so I am doing volunteer editing, and honing my skills in After Effects in the meantime. Personally, I love film, am a musician / music lover, big gamer, anime watcher, and a general nerd.

Jacquline Cyr.jpg

Hello! My name is Jacqueline Cyr! I am currently a student at John Paul the Great Catholic University in San Diego, CA, pursuing a BS in Communications Media with an emphasis in Producing and Screenwriting. A passionate producer, writer, and editor, experienced in bringing scripts to screen. I have produced 20+ films and videos, from my senior thesis project Scott Stiles of the Seven Seas to four video projects for the San Marcos Chamber of Commerce, and my university’s first Feature Film “O, Brawling Love.” Additionally, I have experience with Adobe Premiere Pro and fundamental editing skills from organizing and labeling footage, creating select reels, montoges, and dialogue scenes. In my screenwriting courses, I learned the key elements of screenwriting format, effective dialogue, efficient and strong description, how to create compelling characters, and the essentials of script coverage. I have also been the 1st Assistant Director and 2nd Assistant Director of several short films, one of which won an award during my university’s Winter Film Festival. I am excited to start interning with Auriela, helping with the Stage 32, Going for Gold, and social media projects. I am looking forward to sharing my knowledge and skills with the team and working as an Associate Producer on groundbreaking projects with Aurelia. This experience gives me the opportunity to learn and grow as a producer, writer, and editor and I am grateful for the ability to contribute to Auriela and its Catholic identity, creating content that is entertaining, effective, and impacts culture for Christ.




My name is Jaden. I was born in California in the bay area where I have lived most of my life. Growing up I spent most of my time playing baseball and going to the movie theaters with my grandpa. Going to the movies at an early age is where I got my love for cinema and I immediately began studying everything I could about the filmmaking process. I currently attend San Jose State University where I'm pursuing a B.A in Film and study cinematography. Im extreaml;y excited to be joining Auriela as an intern for my final semester at University. Auriela is going to allow me to broaden my knowledge about the filmmaking process as well as share some of my knowledge as well.

James Harnett.png

My name is James Hartnett, and I am thrilled to be an intern at Aurelia, and working in the video editing department. I am currently pursuing a Bachelors in Film and Media Production at Arizona State University, but have been interested in film editing since 12 years old. Most importantly, I am a Catholic Christian and look forward to spreading the Gospel through Film and Television in this ever-secular society, at every chance I get!

James Hartnett

Jaslyn Lopez.png

My name is Jaslyn but everyone usually calls me Jazz, Florida born but Jersey raised. I'm a junior double major at Camden County College in Game Design & Development as well as Web Development. I have 3 games under my belt including a board game and hope to go back for my associates in Graphic Design as well. I wish to continue my education at either Drexel University or Wilmington University. In the meantime I work part time and have a side business called Hearth Prints where I design and sell consumer products such as 3D prints, cardstock, custom merchandise, website and application mockups, nick nacks and more. I am also a huge gamer and artist with many mediums that I work with and I'm excited to be here with Auriela. I feel that this opportunity will help me smooth out my rough artistic edges and give me new skill sets and knowledge that I could apply to my work or future projects. I would love for this internship to provide me with great networks, out of the box experience and more portfolio work.


Liberty Czarnik.jpg

Howdy! My name is Liberty Czarnik, and I’m super excited to support Auriela’s mission while practicing my video production skills. I love math, film, Spider-Man, camping, and alllllll the puns. I have more houseplants than I can count, three siblings with incredibly patriotic names, and an appreciation for cute ice cream shops. After graduating during the pandemic last May and working as a human calculator for a few months, I decided that I want to pursue my passions in film creating.


Ricky Garcia.jpg

My name is Ricky Garcia and I am a recent graduate with an Associate’s in Graphic Design. Throughout my lifelong journey my passion has always been art, but more specifically film. Films ranging from B-Horror 80s films to an Alex Garland or Guillermo Del Toro film are what drive me to create and tell my story. Part of my time is spent exploring the Adobe CC to include Adobe Premiere Pro, After Effects, Illustrator, Photoshop, and InDesign. The other half of my time is invested in side projects such as producing the sports podcast, ‘Audibles Fantasy Sports’, and the development of a rock music podcast, ‘Rock-On Podcast’. My opportunity at Auriela is a blessing in discovering my passions further and allowing myself to develop as a media professional.


Tim Malone.jpg

My name is Tim Malone. I'm a rising senior at Quinnipiac University in Connecticut. I’m a Film, Television, Media Studies major with a minor in Journalism. My main focus is doing work in documentary production. A lot of my current work experiences involve broadcasting and production of journalism pieces as well as some experience in podcasting. I’m well experienced in programs like Adobe Premiere and AfterEffects. While interning I hope to create lots of content for the company to practice my skills and boost my portfolio.


Wesley Hyde.jpg

Hello, My name Is Wesley Hyde. I’m a recent graduate from The University of Montevallo, I majored in mass communications. I focused on editing software primarily the programs in the Adobe creative suite such as Photoshop, Audition, and Premier Pro. My previous experience was primarily through the campus newspaper The Alabamian, writing and producing digital content. I enjoy editing video and audio the most but still enjoy the other aspects of media production. With Auriela I’m looking to strengthen my editing and media production skills and help produce some great content that I would be proud to display in my portfolio.


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